Agriculture and rural photographer

Agriculture and rural photographer
Professional photographer specializing in agricultural photography and agriculture in general.

I am a photographer of market gardening, crops in the open field, but also a photographer of above-ground crops, in greenhouses. I also work in arboriculture to photograph fruit picking or tree pruning. I am a livestock photographer, whatever you raise, from pigs to cattle, such as meat breeds or dairy cows or calf rearing under the mother…

I also work for sheep and goat farming, taking photos of sheep or goat farming for cheese, for example.

I work with the oyster farming professions since I have already collaborated with various companies in the sector.

If you are a winegrower, I am a photographer of viticulture and all the activities around the work of the vineyard and the aging of wine.

I also collaborate with forestry estates for photo reporting on forestry, mechanics or equestrian.

My services are also aimed at beekeepers as beekeeping photographer.

As a poultry photographer, I can photograph both the exterior and interior of your livestock buildings, poultry, turkeys, rabbits or others…

If you are a flower producer, I am a horticultural photographer, in the open field as well as in greenhouses, I work in all configurations.

If you are a manufacturer, distributor or importer of agricultural machinery, I can photograph your machines to illustrate your communication media, digital and paper.

Agricultural photographer in France and abroad… I have been a professional photographer since 1988. I have had the pleasure of collaborating on many occasions with companies or people related to agriculture to illustrate different activities agricultural. Highlighting the peasant spirit, the collaboration between man and nature, is one of my specialties and that is why I suggest that you combine my know-how with your project…