Portraits of a Charolais breeder in Vendée

Portrait photographs of a Charolais cow breeder in Vendée for the CAVAC Group.

Farmer photographer

This portrait photo report was produced at the request of the agricultural cooperative CAVAC. She had just bought a company that supplied meat from local farms. The purpose of this series of portrait reports was to highlight the breeders, to show the person or persons at the origin of the meat present on our plates.

Farmer Portrait Photographer

It is good to put a face, a human dimension behind the products we consume. Portrait photographs of farmers are intended to appear on the packaging of meats on store shelves. Each package features the face of the farmer from whom the meat in the package comes, to promote the farmer and his work, so that he is present even at the end of the chain.

Breeder Portrait Photographer

The photo session of a breeder is a moment that is quite unpredictable when you are in the middle of the animals. We are subject to the mood of animals. The nice side is that the breeders know their animals and they are therefore very often confident and things are going well. Here the calves have come to say hello. The bull, on the other hand, was more occupied with his reproductive concerns and you had to keep an eye on him to remain cautious.

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