Carrot Harvest Photographs

Photo report illustrating all the reality of the work necessary to harvest carrots growing in the ground.

Vegetable photographer

I had the opportunity, for ANEFA, National Association for Employment and Training in Agriculture, to cover multiple agricultural activities in market gardening to illustrate the different positions present in these agronomist professions. I went to the Landes to do a photo report on harvesting carrots in the open field.

carrot harvest photographer

The work, as can be seen in the photos, is quite physical and requires good endurance. People harvesting carrots have to bend over to pick up carrots and dig them out of the ground by bunch and then place them in tubs full of water. People’s backs are put under quite a strain, it’s quite intensive, because you have to make a maximum of carrots in a minimum of time.

Agriculture photographer

This photo report was made in the middle of the COVID period, which explains the wearing of the mask, even outdoors at this time. A big thank you to the people, seasonal or not for the welcome and participation in the report.

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