Photo report at a beekeeper in the Drome

This photo report follows a professional beekeeper as he creates swarms of bees.

Beekeeping photographer

Swarming is an important part of beekeeping, and it is a process that must be done carefully and correctly to ensure the health and efficiency of the hive. Beekeeping is a fascinating and ancient art that is experiencing a resurgence in popularity. In this photo report, we will follow a professional beekeeper as he inspects hives containing new swarms of bees.

Agricultural photographer

The process of creating a new swarm of bees is delicate. The beekeeper must find a suitable place for the swarm. It is a complex process, the beekeeper will be able to multiply his colonies of bees after manipulations within the ruchettes (small hives for the production of swarms).

Photographer for the beekeeping activity

It is not necessary to wear protections to evolve in the middle of the hives producing new swarms, I walked in the middle of the bees and the hives to take my photos without difficulty.

It’s quite an impressive experience, you have to avoid sudden movements, stay calm and everything goes well.

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