Picking and collecting organic apples in the Landes

Photo report on the collection and picking of organic apples using a self-propelled platform Harvery in the Landes.

Apple cultivation photographer

I made a photo report in the Landes at the request of ANEFA (National Association for Employment and Training in Agriculture). The objective was to illustrate the work of seasonal workers in apple picking with a new self-propelled platform system. This machine, made for fruit hedge orchards. It gives operators the possibility of working at different heights and thus adapting their position to mitigate the risks with positions that cause MSDs.

Apple grower photographer

This machine allows seasonal workers to pick apples at all heights of the tree in safety. The box, once full, is lowered to the ground behind the machine and simultaneously, it loads an empty box at the front. The palot moves from bottom to top, the time to fill up and then goes down to the back. The work of seasonal workers is less risky than when using ladders and they no longer have to carry a bag which turns out to be very heavy when it is full.

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