Photo portraits of a team of oyster farmers

Photo report with portrait shots of the team of oyster farmers from La Calvadosienne in France. Oyster farming photo report

Oyster farmer portrait photographer

During a photo report for ANEFA in the field of oyster farming, I went to take photographs in an oyster farming company.

The report focused on the different activities present in the oyster farming trades. I followed the teams, in the work of preparation, sorting and cleaning, pocketing or keeping the oysters.

Oyster farming photographer

We then went to the oyster beds on the former landing beaches of the Second World War. The report went very well, which allowed me to offer to do a series of portraits of the entire team as well as a group photo. The welcome I received in this oyster farming company was very warm and I was able to do my work in excellent conditions.

A big thank you to the teams of the company La Calvadosienne for this welcome.

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