Professional photographer for the grape harvest in Champagne.

Professional photographer for the grape harvest in Champagne. Photo report on the grape harvest

Harvest photographer

Photo report on the grape harvest in the Champagne region. I had the request to cover in photography all the stages of the grape harvest in Champagne.

I accompanied the teams of seasonal workers in the vineyards to photograph their harvesting activities. The organization is very strict around the seasonal workers and we don’t do what we want, because the harvest is almost like military operations. The pace is brisk, the work physical and difficult, but in a good mood.

Champagne harvest photographer

The seasonal teams are very cosmopolitan, the workers come from all over Europe, especially from the east, Poland, Romania, but also from France with students and retirees who improve their income with work in the vineyards. Each person has a well-defined task, everything is regulated like a choreography and the rows of vines follow one another throughout the day.

Agricultural Work Photographer

Thank you to the teams and team leaders for the welcome they gave me, because without their active benevolence, I cannot fully exercise my profession. It is important for me to remember that I can only do my job with the full and complete collaboration of the people in the field, because they are the actors who promote agricultural trades and without their consent, I can do nothing. A big thank you to all.

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