Goat pastoralism photo report

Photo report on goat pastoralism in Aydius in the Aspe valley in the Pyrenees.

Goat herd photographer

Thanks to ANEFA, National Association for Employment and Training in Agriculture, I had the opportunity to follow a herd of goats as they traveled through the Aspe Valley. Goat pastoralism is practically no longer done, because goats are often left free in vast territories enclosed by man or naturally.

Goat breeding photographer

These spaces are around the goat house, which means that the goats have “office” hours, after the morning milking, they go to the mountains and come back in the late afternoon for the second milking. They can also shorten the walk in the mountains in case of bad weather.

In this professional photo report, I followed the shepherd on his outing with his animals. They are usually alone, but he regularly accompanies them to inspect the fences and the large area reserved for the goats to prevent any problems.

Pastoralism photographer

During this report, as you can see in the photo, we had the chance to see vultures very closely. The goats are tireless and curious, I had a hard time getting ahead of the herd to photograph them. Even if I do sports, I am not at the level of goats in mountain running. It was sweating and out of breath that I finished this photo report. It is an area that is also occupied by bears and wolves, cohabitation is a source of stress and problems for breeders.

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