Photo report on a pig farm

This photo report for ANEFA aimed to show all the professional activities related to the work of a pig farmer.

The goal was to concretely show what the profession of breeder entails, the necessary workload and the passion that drives the people who take care of the animals on a daily basis.

Pig Farm Photographer

Doing a photo report on a pig farm is not technically easy, because you have to avoid scaring the animals and that’s why I avoid using flash. The light conditions are not always favorable to the photo, but we adapt to it as long as we know our job.

The flash can be used, it was in this report, but I like that the spectators can see the real light atmospheres linked to an environment.

Pig Farmer Work Photographer

This photo report also had to show the working conditions encountered by people in the trade. The photos will also be used to illustrate job descriptions and show through images the reality of a job with the passion and constraints present in all jobs.

This breeding was managed by a young breeder, farmer, showing that young people could invest in these difficult trades, that the next generation can ensure themselves if we give ourselves the means.

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