Photo report of Limousin cows

Photo agricultural and cattle report on the breeding of Limousin cows in cows in the Limousin region.

Photo report of Limousin cows receiving food mechanically in the Limousin region of France. In this cattle ranch photo report, the cows eat silage, a forage made from corn and other grains. They also drink water and eat hay. The photos also show the barn where they eat and sleep. Limousine cows are meat breeds, so they produce meat that humans will consume.

Cattle photographer

In this photo report on the feeding of Limousin cows in the Limousin region of France, we show which cow feeding method is used.

The most common method of feeding cows in France is to feed them with hay and silage at this time of year. Silage is a type of fermented herb that has been stored under tarpaulin or in airtight bales. This allows this food to be stored for up to several months, and it provides a very high energy source of food for the livestock. It also makes their coat healthier, as it contains all the nutrients needed for their health.

Limousine Breeder Photographer

Limousine cows are raised for their meat and skin. It is one of the best meat breeds in France. On pasture they graze, but when kept in barns they feed on silage made from corn silage. The feeding process is mechanical, with a large towed storage silo distributing feed to each cow on the ground.

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