Portrait of a farmer for M3-JCB - 2

Photo report and photo portraits of a Charolaise breeder in Charente-Maritime

Agricultural photographer. These portrait photographs of this Charolais breeder were made at the request of the M3-JCB group to illustrate its 2022 calendar.

The objective was to highlight customers, users of M3-JCB equipment in their daily and agricultural activities.

It is accessible, versatile equipment, and that is why all adult members of the family can use them.

Photographer-portraitist of farmers

These photographs were taken in the middle of the animals, in particular the Charolais bull who took a keen interest in my work in a very explicit way since he came to rub his forehead against my thigh, I let you guess which of the two was impressed. It is an impressive animal, but very sociable, but you have to be very vigilant with a beast of this size.

A big thank you to Anne, Valentine and François of the M3-JCB group for choosing me and allowing me to carry out this mission.

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