Realization of a portrait session with a winemaker and his draft horse

Some time ago, I had the opportunity to take a series of photo portraits of a winegrower with his Percheron. The winegrower in question uses this horse to work his organic vines. This experience allowed me to discover a fascinating world, where respect for nature and working in harmony with it are essential values.

Winemaker Portrait Photographer

The portrait session took place in the vineyards of the winemaker, a beautiful and peaceful place which proved to be an ideal setting for the photos. I was impressed by the harmony that reigned between the winemaker and his horse. They seemed perfectly in tune with each other, as if they were one.

In the photos, the horse has its head over the farmer’s shoulder, a pose that reflects the affection and mutual trust they share. Their eyes are imbued with serenity and complicity, thus creating poignant and moving images.

draft horse photographer

This photo report was an unforgettable experience for me. It was at the request of the Vendée Fiefs. I was touched by the passion and dedication of this winemaker for his work, as well as by the respect he shows to nature. The fact that he uses a horse to work his vines organically is a choice that reflects a philosophy of life that deserves to be shared.

Winegrower portrait photographer

I hope that these photos of portraits of the winegrower with his horse will allow as many people as possible to discover the benefits of working in harmony with nature and animals. In any case, for my part, I was conquered by this experience and I hope to have the opportunity to carry out other photo reports of this kind in the future.

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