Photo report on the picking of peaches

I had the chance to photograph the picking of peaches in the PACA region, it is an important agricultural activity that takes place every year under the sun of the south of France.

Peach Picking Photographer

Peaches from the PACA region are particularly appreciated for their sweet and juicy taste, and for the quality of their skin. That year, I had the chance to follow a team of seasonal workers picking peaches in the region’s orchards.

Seasonal labor is essential for the agricultural industry in the region, as most farmers do not have enough local labor to harvest their fruits and vegetables on time. Seasonal workers are often employed to work during the summer season, when the demand for labor is at its highest.

Agricultural photographer

During my report, I was struck by the dexterity of seasonal workers in their work. Their quick and precise movements allowed them to quickly pick the peaches while avoiding damaging them. Talking to the seasonal workers, I learned that many of them had significant experience in the agricultural industry, and that some had even worked in other French regions before coming to PACA. The local farmers I met all said seasonal workers were essential to their business, and they couldn’t harvest their fruits on time without them. Although seasonal workers are often employed for relatively short periods of work, their work is crucial to the success of the local agricultural industry.

Seasonal Activity Photographer

As a photographer, I have been fascinated by the beauty of peach orchards and the vivid colors of ripe peaches. The seasonal workers themselves were an interesting photo subject, with their remarkable skill.

In conclusion, my report on picking peaches in the PACA region was an exciting and instructive experience. I was able to discover the importance of seasonal workers in the local agricultural industry, as well as the challenges they face. I hope that my photos will help raise awareness of the essential contribution of seasonal workers in the French agricultural industry.

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