Milking goats in the Pyrenees

Agricultural photo report on the work of milking goats in a mid-mountain barn in the Pyrenees

Goat Milking Photographer

Here is a series of photographs taken during a report on the breeding of goats in a barn in the Pyrenees. Through these images, I want to immerse you in the reality of the work of a farmer-breeder in the middle mountains.

You will discover authentic moments of the daily life of a breeder, from the arrival of the goats in the barn until the end of milking. You will see images of hard work and concentration, where the expert farmer’s hands are busy caring for the goats.

Goat breeding photographer

The photos that I present to you were captured on the spot, without artifice or staging. They reflect the raw truth of the profession of farmer-breeder in the middle mountains, with its moments of doubt, fatigue and satisfaction. You may be able to feel through this report the special atmosphere that reigns in the barn, with the regular noise of the milking machines, the bleating of the goats, the characteristic smell of the barn.

Mountain agriculture photographer

I hope that these images will allow you to better understand and appreciate the work and commitment of mountain farmers and breeders. Raising goats is hard and demanding work, but also an exciting and rewarding activity. I was honored to be able to capture these unique moments and share them with you through this series of photographs.

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