Photographs of vine pruning

Photographs of vine pruning in winter in Vendée, photo report on viticulture in the west of France.

Viticulture photographer

The pruning of the vine is an important step in the activity of the winegrower. The quality of the size conditions the quality of the fruits as well as the wine consequently. Photo report on the winter pruning of the vines carried out on the Clos Saint-Nicolas estate in Vendée. We can see on the photographs that the working conditions can be difficult for people pruning because of the weather conditions.

Wine activity photographer

When the cold season is back, the vine takes the opportunity to rest and it is at this time that we reduce the vine shoots of the past year. If the vine was not pruned, it would branch out and lengthen. Thus, the production of branches would be stronger than the production of grapes. It is therefore necessary to prune to obtain a good yield and a good quality of grapes.

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