Photo report from a nurseryman

Photo report from a nurseryman in Vendée. Photographs of the professional activity of a nurseryman.

Nursery photographer

In this professional photo report on a nurseryman in Vendée, I had to cover in photos several activities related to the profession of nurseryman. The general role of the nurseryman is to cultivate plants until they become marketable and transplantable. We can see in the photo in this report that the nurseryman’s working world is inside, under greenhouses and outside buildings.

Nursery photographer

The professional photo report on the profession of a nurseryman shows that you also need to know how to operate different agricultural or public works machinery. People can be seen driving tractors, forklifts, among others. The preparation of orders is also illustrated in this photo report, as well as the cuttings or transplanting as well as the pruning of plants. The nurseryman is a professional, passionate about plants and trees, he is largely exposed to bad weather, in sometimes uncomfortable working conditions, but they are people who love their job.

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