Photographs on viticulture and oenology

Photo report on the activities of a winegrower in Bordeaux, photographs on viticulture and oenology.

Professional viticulture photographer

Photo report on a full day in the west of France, at a Bordeaux winemaker. The objective was to highlight the various actions related to the work of the vine.

Photographing the different trades existing in a winery.

Show the reality of a job with the noble activities, and those, more confidential, but also important and necessary.

Winegrower photo report

The profession of winegrower consists in raising the vines, but it goes beyond that, because it is necessary to produce wine which will be the means of living from this activity. In this photo report on viticulture in the Bordeaux region, I was able to illustrate the agricultural activities related to viticultural work, but also the maintenance activities of the equipment, the mechanics to be repaired.

Professional wine photographer

The professional photo report led me to photograph the work in the cellars for everything related to the elaboration of the wine until the bottling and the sale to the customers to finish.

We see in this photo report that there are a multitude of trades and agricultural activities that revolve around viticulture.

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