Photo report on the packaging of carrots

Photograph of the packaging of carrots in a market gardening operation in the Landes

Vegetable photographer

I did a photo report in a market gardening company in Pissos in the Landes. The objective of the report was to show in image the work of the staff at the various positions of the packaging line. The carrots, after being picked up in the fields of the farm, are transported in large bins full of water to the packing station. We were in the middle of the COVID period, in the summer of 2020, and people had a lot of merit in working with the mask in a very hot and dry atmosphere despite the watering.

Carrot Packing Photographer

The carrots are taken out of the box to be placed on a metal conveyor belt. This belt will direct them to a machine that will wash and brush the carrots while leaving them their tops. The carrots are then collected by hand by an operator who puts them in crates. The difficulty for this report is that there are a lot of splashes of water, whether around the machine that washes the carrots or on the storage tray of the full paloxes waiting, because they are constantly watered so , I have to be vigilant for my photo equipment.

Carrot Packing Photographer

The carrots thus lined up in the crates end up in the hands of another operator who will cover the wooden crate with a transparent plastic film bearing the brand marketing these vegetables. This plastic film is stapled so that it holds the carrots securely inside the crate during transport and to the final retailer.

A big thank you to the whole team of the La Pignada farm for their welcome and their collaboration.

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