Photo report on corn castration

Photographs on the castration of corn in the Landes by seasonal workers. Illustration of the gestures of this seasonal activity

Corn castration photographer

This photo report highlights the work of seasonal workers in Landes agriculture, focusing on the casting of corn. It shows the effort and determination of these workers to carry out an important task for agriculture.

Seasonal workers are mostly young students, in fact, they can start this summer activity from the age of 16 during the summer school holidays. There is also a population of adults, but in smaller numbers.

Corn Cutter Photographer

The photographic report presents images of the seasonal workers carrying out the castration of the corn, highlighting the meticulousness and the precision necessary to carry out this task.

We can see the different stages of the practice, male stems removed from female rows to keep only female feet and it is the rows of male feet, of different varieties, present nearby that will fertilize them.

Seasonal Agriculture Photographer

The photographer that I am encountered multiple constraints such as humidity, linked to the frequent watering of the plants and the fog present that morning, which made the work more difficult and longer.

The mud is very present between the rows, making movement quite difficult and increasing the risk of falling, detrimental to the photo equipment.

But that didn’t hinder my ability to capture the images needed to illustrate the work of these students.

This photo report highlights the hard work and perseverance of seasonal workers in agriculture, while showing the challenges encountered by the photographer to capture these moments.

It is a visual celebration of the effort and determination of these often overlooked workers.

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