Photographs of equestrian work in the vineyard

Photo reportage on the technical work of stripping organic vines with a horse.

Equestrian Work Photographer

The purpose of stripping the vines with a horse is to cover the vines with the turned earth to smother the weeds at the foot of the vines. It also forces the vine to seek nutrients deeper in the soil. We will leave a small grassy strip between the rows of vines all winter.

Equestrian viticulture photographer

This technique is used for the organic cultivation of the vine, it is gentle on the biodiversity present on the site. Weeding with a horse is a very technical job that requires great concentration and vigilance on the part of the horse driver, because they pass close to the vines and the risk of tearing a vine stock is very present. This work requires a very good experience in equestrian work.

Professional viticulture photographer

In this photographic report, we can see a person who is training to drive a horse for decavallonnage, she is training to drive the ploughshare along the rows as well as the driving and control of the horse. The physical effort is intense for the driver of the horse, you have to walk at a good pace on unstable ground with very often loam and shave the vines while driving the horse.

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