Report on picking tomatoes in Brittany

Series of professional photographs of the agricultural environment, market gardening which illustrates the collection of above-ground tomatoes in greenhouses in Brittany.

Above ground market gardening photographer

I produced a report from which this series of photographs is taken on the picking of above-ground tomatoes in greenhouses in Brittany as part of my work as a professional photographer specializing in agriculture. The images I captured show the work of seasonal agricultural workers who spend long hours picking fruits and vegetables for wholesalers and purchasing groups.

Organic culture photographer

What determines the success of these photographs is that I managed to be accepted by the seasonal workers and to photograph them without disturbing them. By working closely with them, I was able to capture authentic and honest moments that bear witness to the activity of agricultural workers.

I am quite proud of these images, because they highlight the often forgotten work of agricultural seasonal workers. I hope these images will help raise awareness of the challenges and sacrifices farm workers face every day to feed others.

Agricultural seasonal photographer

I am grateful to them for having been able to work closely with these seasonal workers to make these authentic images. I hope that these photographs will help to highlight the often forgotten work of seasonal workers and to raise awareness among the general public of the importance of their work and to be more vigilant about what they put in their basket while shopping.

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