Cabbage weeding report

Photo report on the reality of manual weeding work in a field of organic cabbage in Brittany. Photographs of the reality of manual work to obtain an organic culture in France.

Organic Culture Photographer

I made a photo report on weeding by hand in a field of organic cabbage at a Breton market gardener. Manual weeding is a traditional and ecological method to control the evolution of weeds in organic crop fields.

By choosing to weed by hand rather than using chemical herbicides, the Breton market gardener guarantees the quality of his products as well as respecting the rules of the organic label and preserving the environment. In addition, manual weeding can control weed growth more precisely, which promotes healthy crop development.

Organic market gardening photographer

Manual weeding is labor intensive depending on the areas to be treated, but this market gardener is convinced that it is worth it, as it guarantees top quality products for his customers. Moreover, by working in an ecological way, it supports the principles of sustainable agriculture.

Hand weeding is a tedious method, but the benefits are many.

In addition to preserving the environment, it also helps to control weed growth more precisely, which promotes healthy crop development.

Manual weeding photographer

We note that the arduousness of the work is certain in this type of activity, because it is necessary to work bent over to pull out the weeds. It is often difficult to find staff to carry out these physically demanding tasks, manual weeding is an ecological and traditional method of course, but we must not forget how we work in these rows and accept the additional costs necessary to properly remunerate the difficult work. and physical required. This cultivation technique makes it possible to guarantee the quality of the harvested products, to keep an environment free of phytosanitary products and to support the principles of respectful agriculture.

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