Photo portraits of a cattle farmer for M3 JCB Agri

Series of portrait photographs of a Holstein cattle breeder for the calendar of the M3 JCB Agri company.

Farmer portrait photographer

I am a professional photographer specializing in agriculture and I had the chance to work recently for M3 JCB Agri to portray a farmer-herder. I made a series of portraits of him feeding his animals in the barn in the morning and using a telescopic JCB M3 machine to load the Kuhn mixer which will distribute the food to the animals. It was an exciting and inspiring experience.

Cattle breeder photographer

As a photographer, I was fascinated by the meticulous work of the farmer towards his animals as well as his passionate speech. Capturing the moments when he was feeding the animals in the barn was a real challenge, because you had to avoid moving around as much as possible so as not to scare them when they were eating and you had to put in the light to illuminate as naturally as possible. the scene. But it allowed me to capture authentic footage of the farmer interacting with his animals, which was very rewarding.

Agricultural machinery photographer

The most complicated part was photographing the farmer using the telescopic JCB M3 machine to load the Kuhn mixer which will distribute the feed to the animals. Due to the backlit sunlight, there were several technical difficulties to overcome. This scene allowed me to capture images of the farmer in his working environment, showing mastery in his craft.

In the end, this series of portraits is a visual testimony of the passion and commitment of a farmer and breeder and allowed me to push my limits as a photographer specializing in agriculture.

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