Report in an agricultural machinery manufacturing plant

Photo report in the New-Holland factory which manufactures high-clearance tractors

Agricultural equipment manufacturing photographer

Photo report immersed in a factory manufacturing high-clearance tractors for mechanical harvesting. The objective was to highlight the share of human labor in the industrial activity of the site. Even if the industrial activity is generally carried out by robots, in this manufacturing unit, the part of manufacturing related to the man remains very important contrary to what exists today. Human work brings a real know-how ,

Agricultural machinery manufacturing photographer

Agricultural equipment is constantly evolving and so are manufacturing methods. These agricultural machines are full of very advanced technologies. These machines must be robust and reliable over time and that is why the important part of human work in these machines is important. In the photographs of the construction of agricultural machinery, you can see a lot of people working individually at their posts, justifying the quality of the finish of the machines.

Agricultural machinery photographer

To achieve this professional photo report, it is important to respect the people working on the site. The photographer must be accepted by the production agents and once this phase is over, he must take his photos without disturbing the production. If the people working on the site see the work of the photographer with a good eye, it will eventually be possible to capture a look or a smile from people in action, which is a significant plus.

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