Montbeliard milking in the Doubs

Photo report on the milking of Montbéliard cows used to make Comté cheese in the Doubs

Montbeliard breed photographer

I had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot with a farmer who raises Montbéliard cows in the Doubs, I had the pleasure of attending the morning of happiness at milking in a barn used only during the summer season. . The environment is very rustic, but functional. The difficulty for me is that it was still dark when we started milking and the barn housing the stall has almost no lighting. I was forced to take my shots only with the light of my flash. Thank you to the farmer for opening his doors to me and accepting my morning presence.

Comté Photographer

All the milk from the Montbéliard cows photographed, which is harvested during milking, goes every day to a cheese dairy that makes Comté cheese. Everything will depend on the time of year, because the milk from these Montbéliardes is also used to make Mont d’Or cheese and Morbier. The cows on the farm have a very specific area where they graze so that the milk can be used for local cheese making.

Stable photographer

The agricultural photo report highlights all the work done during milking in a stall. Despite the rustic environment, the farmer is required to look after his animals and provide them with special attention to prevent any possible spoilage. The specifications for the milk to go to the cheese dairy are very strict for obvious quality reasons. To do this daily work, male and female farmers love their animals and are passionate about it, because it takes love and passion to do all these daily tasks with a constant demand for quality.

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