Pruning apple trees at an apple grower

Here is a series of photographs taken at an apple grower in western France, in Vendée at Foussais-Payré during the pruning of apple trees in winter.

Apple cultivation photographer

This is a photo report that was made during the winter pruning of apple trees at a producer in Vendée, in Foussais-Payré. Pruning is a crucial step in growing apple trees, as it helps control tree growth, maximize fruit production, and ensure long-term tree health.

In winter, when trees are dormant, pruning removes dead, diseased, or cumbersome branches, which improves air and light circulation inside the tree.

Pruning also serves to encourage the growth of new, more productive branches for the following season.

apple pruning photographer

This photo report was made at a producer in Vendée, in Foussais-Payré, who uses traditional techniques for pruning apple trees, with pruning shears, making sure to respect the natural shape of the tree while obtaining an optimal yield. .

The winter pruning of apple trees is a meticulous job, which requires experience and knowledge of the trees. However, the result is worth it, because it allows to get a high-quality and abundant harvest.

Apple grower photographer

The execution of this report was possible thanks to the participation of the people of the exploitation who accepted my presence among them. This work can be made difficult by the climatic conditions, in fact, the winter season is conducive to frosts and icy winds, so you need a good dose of courage with an outfit adapted to the climatic conditions.

Finally, the winter pruning of apple trees is an important step in the cultivation of these fruit trees, which not only guarantees optimal production, but also the health of the tree in the long term.

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