Oyster farming photo report in Calvados.

Oyster farming photo report on work in an oyster farming base of the La Calvadosienne company.

I went to do a complete photo report on the work and activities in an oyster farm in Calvados. The objective was to photograph a large part of the work to be done in an oyster farming company. We see the whole journey of an oyster, in the multiple stages of its life before arriving on our plates.

Oyster photographer

I had to make myself forget about oyster farmers to be able to photograph their work in a natural way and without constraints and stress for them.

People do not really like photos in their professional activities and it is specific to all professions.

Oyster farming photographer

I managed to be accepted and take the photos of my report in excellent conditions, it is often necessary to explain the reason for our presence and the purpose of the photos. The people photographed are rightly worried about the destination of these images, what we are going to do with the photos.

Once things have been clarified, giving all the necessary explanations, with a smile, everything is going very well.

It is very important that company managers communicate about the arrival of a photographer in the company, well in advance, and explain, in detail, the reason for his arrival so that when the day comes, no one is taken in the dark. deprived.

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