Photographs of breeding rabbits

Photographs for a rabbit producer in Maine-et-Loire. Studio photos of rabbits.

The objective of this photo shoot at the client’s was to show the different varieties of rabbits available and at all ages. It was necessary to also photograph the rabbits as adults to show their final size.

Livestock Rabbit Photographer

The photography of live animals is never something simple, you have to deal with the animal that is not interested in the action of the photographer, it scares him more than anything else. It takes time and patience to achieve the desired result and do not hesitate to change models if some are too dynamic. You cannot get results if you do not behave in a respectful way with the animal and it is common to have to change it, because, as with humans, there are a multitude of personalities in animals and there will have to change until we find the one that will be in phase with our photographic needs, which requires a lot of time in the production.

These images are made with respect for animals and of course without violence, I make it a point of honor and this is the case for all my reports.

I deeply respect and love farmers for the passion they put into hard work. I also respect animals and only work with those whose work is respectable and respectful of the animal condition, but that is, I am sure, the majority.

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