Photographer in a turkey farm

I went to do an agricultural photo report on a turkey farm in Sarthe, in the Loué chicken region.

Turkey breeding photographer

At the request of ANEFA, I went to cover in photos the activities and the reality of a turkey farm. These turkeys are raised in the open air, they have a very large grassy and shaded area that they hardly occupy, confining themselves to the space near the building. This may be explained by the herding spirit of the animal. As you can see in the report, the breeder-farmer is a person very close to his animals, the well-being of the turkeys is essential to provide a high quality result.

Poultry reportage photographer

A small detail that may be important for the curious, these turkeys are listening to classical music, you can see speakers scattered along the building. Listening to classical music is part of the specifications imposed on the breeder for animal welfare. Regularly, we must inspect the various building data such as temperature, humidity, machines distributing food, water… To ensure the well-being of the turkeys, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The doors to the building are open daily for the turkeys to come out into the open to frolic and get activity.

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