Photographs of picking kiwis

Agricultural photographic report on the picking of kiwis in the south-west of France in the Landes.

The picking of kiwis is done manually in the fields of fruit trees which are more rarely called kiwitier or actinidia. It is more of a vine than a tree, native to China.

Kiwi picking photographer

This agricultural photo report was organized by ANEFA to illustrate the professions of arboriculture and above all to raise awareness of the work of seasonal workers who pick kiwis.

Arborists who grow kiwifruit have a great need for seasonal workers to ensure the collection and picking of the fruit.

Arboriculture photographer

Kiwis are harvested before the first winter frosts, in November. The work of seasonal workers picking kiwis is physical work, you often have to bend over, go inside trees, carry a bag which is heavy when full and the climatic conditions when the kiwis are ripe are wintry, cold and humid. .

A big thank you to all the seasonal workers for their warm and complicit welcome, without which I could not do this photographic work.

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