Photo report of a Kiwi agricultural cooperative

Photo report on the activity of an agricultural cooperative that deals with the packaging of kiwis harvested by local producers.

This photo report was intended to highlight the trades and activities around the kiwi in France. This agricultural photo report was made in a cooperative in the Landes. We see the different trades practiced in the cooperative.

Agricultural cooperative photographer

The report begins with the reception of the cooperative, then shows the work required to sort and size the fruits deposited by all the kiwifruit producers located around the cooperative. There are also forklift drivers who have to handle pallets of fruit to store them in cold rooms or load trucks with pallets of kiwifruit to ship them to consumer and retail customers.

Kiwi packaging photographer

The packaging of kiwifruit is partly mechanized, but it still requires human intervention for specific tasks that machines do not yet do. Humans are present at all stages of kiwi fruit packaging. I also photographed the maintenance team, which is also very important because, in the event of a breakdown, they have to intervene very quickly so that the fruit is not damaged by the problem in the packaging chain or the cold chain.

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