Photo report at a nursery

Series of photographs on the work of a nurseryman, what are the different tasks of this profession.

The nurseryman is in charge of raising trees and plants to supply them to landscapers or directly for sale to individuals.

Nursery Photographer

The nurseryman cultivates trees and plants, in the ground or in greenhouses. This work requires a lot of work and monitoring of the plants. A nurseryman must be able to prune and graft trees, fruit or not. This agricultural nurseryman photo report was made to show the different positions present in the nurseryman profession.

Nursery photographer

In this series of photographs, we can see that there are positions where it is necessary to recruit seasonal workers, like here, the preparation of young trees that will make future Christmas trees. It was also necessary to photograph the mechanized interventions. The work of the nurseryman is also done with machinery, such as tractors, diggers or other specialized machinery.

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