Apricot picking photographer in PACA

Picking apricots in photography, photo report on the tasks related to arboriculture in PACA.

Photographer picking apricots

The purpose of this photo report of agricultural activity was to show the work of seasonal workers in the collection and picking of apricots in the south of France. The difficulty for me, an arboriculture photographer in this kind of report, is to federate the teams so that they are part of the photo project and agree to participate. This was the case in this case and I thank them warmly.

Agricultural arboriculture photographer

Work in this arboriculture activity is very physical and requires good physical condition. In fact, you have to be able to climb the ladders, bend down or bend over to pick up the fruit in the low branches, carry the crates of fruit to the trailer and keep up the pace of the picking throughout the day with the weather conditions which are not always lenient.

Agriculture photographer

The agricultural photographer in this type of photo report on picking must know how to be forgotten and let the arboreal work be done naturally to capture real scenes, to show the reality to the spectators. The photographer is also forgotten so as not to disturb the performance of the activity, in any case, to disturb it a minimum. It is also very important beforehand to establish a dialogue, by taking an interest in the work of the people to know their actions in detail in order to then anticipate during the report.

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