Photographs from a veterinary visit to a turkey farm

Photo report on a veterinary visit to a turkey farm for the development and respect of good breeding practices

I had the pleasure of collaborating with a Group specializing in animal health and the partnership of the agri-food sectors. The aim of this series of photographs was to illustrate the different professions present within the Group.

In addition to the veterinary analysis laboratories, I accompanied one of the Group’s veterinarians on a visit to a farm that raises turkeys.

Poultry Farm Photographer

I had to photograph the veterinarian during his visit and highlight the collaboration with the farmer and the interaction that results from it. Show images of the different phases specific to a veterinary visit in a farm of this type. The dialogue between the breeder and the veterinarian is quite intense and they quickly forgot about me, because the veterinarian has a lot of questions to ask the farmer and the breeder himself has a lot of questions about his practices. or with particular cases, both on the turkeys themselves and on their diet, hydration, the specificities of the building which interact with them.

Turkey Farm Photographer

Doing a photo report on a poultry farm or any other farm for that matter is not easy at first, because many breeders are very suspicious of the final destination of the images and there is a phobia of animalist associations. . But when we explain in the most educational way the objective of the report and what I have to photograph and how I am going to photograph it, the nervousness subsides and everyone can work calmly, without unnecessary fear.

Livestock photographer

The prior relationship of trust is imperative to avoid unnecessary and counterproductive stress. Incidentally, we were in a very hot period and I was very surprised by the temperature inside the agricultural building, it was quite cool compared to the outside. This livestock building was new and benefited from the latest technological advances in air circulation to cool the interior of the building. I was under the impression that there was air conditioning, but that was obviously not the case here.

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