Agricultural photo report on the harvest in the Beauce in summer

Photo report to illustrate the choreography of agricultural machinery under the sun and the summer dust of Beauce as well as the difficult working conditions of farmers.

Agricultural Harvest Photographer

Crossing the vast golden expanses of the Beauce, the objective of this photographic report was to capture the very essence of the hard agricultural work during the harvest. The target of this report, the work of a tractor driver, whose demanding and precise task often remains unknown.

Field work photographer

These photographs bear witness to a complex choreography performed by tractor drivers during the harvest. As the harvesters move forward, harvesting the wheat fields, the tractor drivers follow close behind. As soon as the harvesters are filled with their precious harvest, the drivers spring into action.

Agricultural machinery photographer

The name of the difficulty is heat and dust, because my driver’s tractor was out of air conditioning and we had to have the windows open to get some air, but it was mostly dust that got into the cockpit. The stifling heat reigns in the machine and it is worse when you follow the harvester, because you are in its plume of dust.

Farmers work photographer

Despite these arduous conditions, the driver must be precise in his driving so as not to lose the precious cargo of wheat when transferring the harvester to the trailer. It should be noted in passing that the harvester does not stop harvesting even in this operation. The tractors follow one another throughout the work of the harvester.

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