Photo report on the chestnut harvest

Agriculture photo report illustrating the mechanical harvest of chestnuts on the ground in the Périgord Noir region.

Chestnut harvest photographer

Chestnuts are a delicious and nutritious ingredient that people generally enjoy during the winter months. Traditionally, chestnuts are picked from the ground, by hand. But now the process of harvesting chestnuts has become mechanical, with a specialized machine picking up chestnuts from the ground.

Mechanical harvest photographer

Chestnut picking machines are increasingly popular because they provide a much faster and more efficient way to harvest this type of fruit from the ground. In fact, a machine can pick up several kilograms of chestnuts in a matter of minutes!

Chestnuts, an edible fruit that we eat in winter, can also be harvested by mechanical picking. This process is less tiring for the harvester and easier to implement for the farmer who wishes to collect them.

In this photo report on the chestnut harvest, you will see in detail how the chestnuts are collected from the ground using a special machine.

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