Agricultural photo report of the harvest of soilless tomatoes

Agricultural photo report of the harvest of soilless tomatoes in a greenhouse in Gironde by seasonal workers

Soil-less crop photographer

This market gardening photo report shows how professional pickers harvest soilless tomatoes in a greenhouse near Bordeaux and how they pack and transport them after harvest. The picker can be seen picking one of the tomatoes and placing it in a crate on his cart.

After leaving the cart, the tomatoes are packaged and transported by forklift to a nearby warehouse where they will then be shipped across France or exported to Europe.

Tomatoes are one of the French favorite vegetables that can be grown in greenhouses. As such, tomatoes are cultivated in greenhouses all over the world, including in France. It is common practice to grow tomatoes soilless to save phytosanitary treatments, higher yields, save water …

Organic culture photographer

Soilless tomatoes are grown in a greenhouse. They are hand picked by seasonal workers. This photo report on picking greenhouse-grown soilless tomatoes shows you the work done by these seasonal workers.

The soilless tomato is a type of tomato that has been grown without using soil. They are grown in greenhouses, sometimes under artificial light, and are usually fed with nutrient-rich water rather than soil.

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