Photo report on an oyster farm

Photographs of work in the oyster farms of Normandy to illustrate work in oyster farming.

Oyster farming photographer

The interest of carrying out this photo report in the oyster beds of the Normandy region was that the spectators were well aware of the physical work necessary to work in oyster farming. This difficult work is common, whatever the region, whether in Vendée, Normandy, Charente-Maritime, Gironde or in the Mediterranean. It is difficult for oyster farmers to find qualified personnel or personnel willing to work in sometimes difficult and physical conditions.

Oyster photographer

The difficulty for the photographer on this type of professional photo report is to be able to use his photo equipment and confront it with the humidity linked to sea water. sea ​​because of the waves or when transporting by tractor on the trailer or walking in the water between the benches. I also had to be very careful with sand, mud, because when you get on or off the tractor, you touch areas that are not always clean and you easily get your hands dirty, which is not good. to manipulate the photo material behind. You have to be organized and have a towel on you to wipe and dry your hands.

Oyster culture photographer

There is a very big peak of activity with the Christmas holidays for oyster farmers, it is almost the figure of the year. They also had problems with viruses that were decimating the oyster population and the current concern is a small crustacean that pierces the shell of the oyster to feed on it, the periwinkle borer. So to try to counter this problem of winkles, the oyster farmer uses pockets with tighter mesh to block some of these predators, but there are always some who manage to get through. The culture of oysters requires a lot of maintenance and actions in the parks before they arrive on our plates.

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