Photographs of the conditioning of tomatoes

Photographs of the conditioning of tomatoes after soilless cultivation in Gironde near Bordeaux.

Market gardening conditioning photographer

This market gardening photo report captures the work of tomato growers and their seasonal workers during the grading and packaging processes. Their daily life is revealed as they carry out the various tasks around the tomatoes.

This market gardening photographic report investigates the work of the market gardener when packing tomatoes in an agricultural cooperative. The photographs explore the relationship between the production, distribution and consumption of vegetables.

Tomato Cultivation Photographer

This professional photographic report provides a window into the process of tomato production in an agricultural cooperative. It shows how these vegetables are grown, harvested, sorted, graded, packaged and distributed in supermarkets or other distribution networks.

Agricultural cooperative enterprises must redouble their efforts to be competitive. They implement a strict management system and establish demanding work routines for seasonal workers, in order to keep the quality and quantity of production at the best level.

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