Photo report in an outdoor pig farm

Agricultural photo reportage in an open-air pig farm in the Beauce region of France

Pig Farm Photographer

Series of photographs to illustrate the rearing of pigs in the open air, in Beauce, in the Paris region. There are very large plots of land used for field crops in this heavily agricultural region and a grain farmer had the idea of ​​setting up an outdoor pig farm to diversify his activity. These are photos of the beginning of this activity, the first animals raised on this farm.

Pig farming photographer

An outdoor pig farm, a farm that has animal welfare at heart, the animals are free and are free to come and go in large spaces. Pigs are physically very different from intensively farmed animals, thinner and taller on the legs. This differs not only from the daily exercise that these beasts do, but also from the breed which is more rustic and very different from the battery pigs.

Pig outdoor photographer

The enclosures have a double fence to avoid any contact with outside wildlife such as wild boars which are disease vectors. This type of breeding is respectful of the pigs, which can live freely and feed themselves as they please. The huts present protect the animals from heat and cold as well as drafts. For the photographer, the pig is a very curious animal that does not hesitate to come into contact with it, it loves to nibble on buttons or equipment, but if you are careful, everything is fine…

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