Charolais cow photo report

Photo report on a Charolais cow farm, this farm reproduces the Charolais breed in Vendée.

Charolais breeding photographer

I made a photo report in an agricultural breeding of beef breed cattle that are Charolais cows. This breed is very popular and recognized because it has a multitude of attractions and an excellent reputation. This report was about an event created by the operator to show and sell bulls for breeding. This breeding takes part in the genetic selection which aims to improve the Charolais breed by trying to have individuals who monopolize the farmer as little as possible while ensuring better production costs with a very good quality of meat.

Cattle breeding photographer

The Charolais breed was once used as a draft breed in farm work, which gave animals, over time, quite calm and docile. Naturally, the Charolais has a calm character, making it easy to work with animals. However, you have to be careful with breeding males, because they can be playful, especially with the photographer who is a curiosity…

Agricultural food photographer

During this agricultural breeding photo report, I was surprised to see young people taking an interest in the animals, the breed and supporting a very technical discourse between them and the farmer, which shows that there is a real interest for the development of animal husbandry and that the future looks auspicious.

The profession of breeder is unfortunately not valued enough, it requires a permanent presence on the farm. The agricultural professions are passionate professions and particularly the breeders who love their animals and their work.

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