Photo report on equestrian skidding

Photographic report on the hauling work using a horse in a chestnut wood.

I am delighted to present to you my latest series of photographs highlighting the remarkable work of the Longs-Crins company, which specializes in the equestrian field. At the heart of this series, we discover Franck and his mare Ondine, an impressive duo of strength and grace, both representing the efficiency of the Breton trait breed.

Equestrian work photographer

During a photo assignment on skidding in the forest, I had the privilege of following Franck and Ondine as they moved through a vast chestnut wood. The photographs taken reflect their work and their exceptional symbiosis. Throughout this adventure, Franck and Ondine carried out various tasks such as pulling tree trunks, making precise cuts and taking care of wood handling while preserving the environment.

Equine photographer

When the plots allow it, the work of the horse in the skidding makes it possible to avoid mistreating the soil, the biodiversity and the other trees as can do the mechanized work with machines for example. When the trees are planted tightly, on steep slopes, the machines cannot evolve and this is when the horse has all its interest, it will not replace the machines, but it is complementary with them.

Skidding photographer

In order to underline the importance and the beauty of this activity, I chose to use subtle additional lighting to highlight Ondine and Franck in their actions. My goal was to faithfully present their commitment and determination, while allowing viewers to judge for themselves the depth of their work.

Through this series, I want to share the authenticity and timeless beauty of agricultural activities, highlighting passionate professionals like Franck and their exceptional equine companions like Ondine. This photographic report offers a candid look at the hard work and know-how required to carry out such demanding tasks as logging in the forest.

I therefore invite you to dive into this forest atmosphere and let yourself be carried away by these shots that capture the very essence of the harmony between man, animal and nature. Through these images, I hope to arouse your curiosity and invite you to take a fresh look at agricultural trades, imbued with respect, passion and traditions.

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