Photographs of the chive harvest in Gironde

Photographs of the chive harvest in Gironde. Hand picking chives near Bordeaux in Gironde.

Professional agriculture photographer

Market gardening photo report in the south-west of France. I photographed the chive harvest. This chive crop is harvested by hand after growing in the open field.

Chives grow in bundles through black plastic sheeting. Seasonal workers slice the bunch of chives with a knife.

Market gardening photo session

Chives are also called civet, they are thin, very aromatic and hollow stems of about twenty centimeters that are cut regularly before flowering from May. Do not confuse chives and scallions because they are two different plants, the scallion is more fleshy.

Professional gardening photographer

I had the pleasure of accompanying the teams in their daily work in harvesting chives to take my photographs of market gardening in the open field.

Taking a professional market gardening photo requires being very attentive to the work of the operating agents to properly capture the actions and gestures of this agricultural activity in photos.

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