Photo report on the recycling of plastics in market gardening

Realization of a photo report on the recycling of plastics in above-ground market gardening using a machine specially designed for this purpose. This machine is used to separate the plastic packaging from the bags of soil used to grow strawberries.

Ecology photographer

I am a professional photographer specializing in agriculture and I recently made a photo report on the recycling of bags of soil used in the cultivation of strawberries above ground in greenhouses. These images capture every step of the process, showing the special agricultural machine, powered by an agricultural tractor, which separates the plastic bags from the soil.

During this photo shoot, I witnessed the efficiency of this machine which collects plastic on one side and soil on the other. The plastic bags come out of the machine on a conveyor belt and are collected for recycling. It’s amazing how this machine is able to efficiently sort bags and potting soil in just a few minutes.

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This photo report highlights the importance of recycling soil bags in modern agriculture. Finding sustainable ways to manage agricultural waste is essential, and recycling soil bags is an effective solution. Plastic bags are recycled, avoiding their accumulation in landfills, while the recovered soil is used for cultivation in the open field.

Waste Recycling Photographer

As a photographer specializing in agriculture, I was delighted to capture these images which show the innovation and ingenuity of the agricultural industry. They testify to the importance of sustainability in modern agriculture and the commitment of farmers to reduce their environmental footprint and demonstrate once again that the agricultural world respects and loves this planet.

I hope this photo essay will raise awareness about the importance of plastic recycling in modern agriculture. These images offer an insight into how this agricultural machine works, showing how plastic bags are collected and sent for recycling.

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