Photo report on strawberry picking

A market gardening photo report evoking the work of picking above-ground strawberries in a greenhouse in Gironde.

Soil-less crop photographer

As a professional gardening photographer, I offer you a report in images on the process of picking market garden strawberries in an agricultural greenhouse.

The content of this report is self-explanatory, so that it can improve the reader’s understanding of market gardening.

The photos of the above ground strawberry picking are intended to show the work of the seasonal workers, the experience of picking strawberries in an agricultural greenhouse.

Greenhouse gardening photographer

Harvesting of strawberries is seasonal, which means that the fruits will not be available for picking until a few months after being planted. Strawberries are easy to grow and can be planted year round. The different seasons are based on the pollination period of the strawberry plant.

Harvesting strawberries in winter or early spring can be done by planting what are called soilless strawberries.

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