Forestry photo report in the Jura

Forestry photo report in the Jura on logging as well as forest management, logging and handling.

In this forestry photo report, we will also see the work of the loggers.

Protected forests are often managed by professional foresters, who are responsible for planting new trees, harvesting timber and preventing forest fires.

Forestry photographer

The Jura Mountains in France are a prime example of nature-based resource extraction. The people of the region have used the forests to support themselves for centuries, and it is still a major economic and social factor in the region.

The forests in this part of France provide many goods and services: they provide oxygen, produce wood, contribute to biodiversity and control water runoff. They also play an important role as carbon sinks.

Forests are an important part of the environment, not only for the biodiversity therein, but also for the services forests provide to people. Wood is one of these services.

Lumberjack photographer

We can observe that there are two types of forestry practices in the Jura: logging and silviculture. Logging involves cutting down trees or just vegetation under the canopy to leave room for new crops to grow and mature smoothly. Silviculture is a management practice where tree species are selected and cultivated with the goal of promoting sustainable growth within forest ecosystems.

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